About us

It Was From 

 Brought to you by Rudy's momma: Baby no2 due in June.
Sourcing unique and stylish accessories and homewares not on the high street.

How "it was from.com" came about.


Growing up, I was constantly in ear-shot when passers-by would stop my mom and her friends and ask "I love what you're wearing where did you get that from?".

So whilst pregnant with Rudy I had my light bulb moment, why don't I bring together beautifully stylish accessories and gift ideas.

I source from all over the world some independent designers and some larger design houses, I am currently working on ITWASFROM's range of accessories too.

I would like to Thank my mom (rewclothing) for inspiring me.


I hope you like what you see.

If you have any suggestions or feedback please contact me via the form below.


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